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  • 20th July 2017/ 01, Tag 02, / 130 Views

    Tannus confirms deals with two new bike brands

    TANNUS has agreed two new deals with bike manufacturers, supplying the puncture-free tyres as standard. In one of the deals the Aither 1.1 tyres will be fitted to a range of five bikes produced by Alton Sports, South Korea’s second biggest bike producer with around 20% market share.

    The company owns a number of licensed brands and Tannus Tyres will come as standard on its Benetton hybrid and children’s bike, on a Chevrolet Electric bike and folding bike and on the Raleigh ‘Mini Bell’. Initially the company will supply tyre for 10,000 bikes in 2017. Discussions to increase this in 2018 are already underway.

    Separately the company has agreed to supply tyres to a US start-up Ezra Bikes, which is running a Kickstarter campaign for its range of children’s bikes. The company uses the Tannus Tyres as a major part of its pitch to raise $27,500. It is just $7,200 off the target and has more than a month to go.

    Tannus European director Jazz Walia said: “We are very pleased to be supplying tyres to these fantastic bike businesses.

    “Alton is one of South Korea’s leading manufacturers in what is a very competitive market, so it is no small achievement for the company.

    “Ezra are an exciting and motivated new company which has great potential and we hope both deals will be the basis for a long-term relationship.”


  • 20th July 2017/ 01, Tag 02, / 130 Views

    Tannus to release a new size 700x25

    TANNUS is set to release a much-anticipated new tyre later this year, bringing big performance improvements.

    The 700x25c is the first in this size produced by the airless, puncture-free tyre manufacturer and has been heralded as the company’s best tyre yet.

    It features an upgraded version of the Aither 1.1 compound which gives the tyre more flex and more ride comfort.

    Tannus have been developing the tyre at its South Korea HQ for more than two years and brought it to the UK in February for further testing.

    The tyre features a new tread pattern, which has been settled on after a number of earlier choices were rejected. It is firmly aimed as a road bike, training tyre and has already had positive feedback from those who’ve ridden with the new size.

    Tannus triathlete Reece Barclay said: “Vibration is massively reduced with the new tyres. They are a very smooth ride.”

    Youngki Lee, Tannus chief executive, said: “The 25c is the most difficult tyre we have developed. It has taken us more than two years with a number of setbacks that we have had to overcome.“The new tyre is faster than the 23C and smoother than the 28C. This is without doubt our best tyre ever.”

    The company’s European Director, Jazz Walia, said: “This is a major move for Tannus, another bold step to the future.“Tannus tyres keep on getting better and this is the best yet. We have invested a lot of time and money on this and we are seeing the benefits of that in the 700x25c.The new tyre offers fantastic cushioning and has a completely new tread pattern. It’s good to be able to add this size to our range and we are confident it will soon become one of the most popular.”


  • 20th July 2017/ 01, Tag 02, / 130 Views

    Tannus Used by Ukraine’s National Track Team

    TANNUS Tyres has received a massive seal of approval after Ukraine’s national cycle team started using the company’s airless no-puncture tyres.

    Between 10-12 members of the national track team are using the Aither 1.1 tyres for outdoor training.On top of that a number of top Ukraine road riders are also using the tyres. Athletes using the tyres include double European track gold winner Liubov Basova, 28, (nee Shulika) and Andrii Vynokurov, 34, currently lying second in the UCI Keirin rankings.

    Road rider Olena Pavlukhina a member of the women’s Astana team, who competed in the Rio Olympics road race is also training on the tyres.

    Brothers Alex and Maksym Lopatyuk, a former member of the Ukraine track team introduced Tannus to the squad after testing the tyres for six months.

    Alex, a former marathon runner, said: “Ten to 12 of the team are using the tyres for off-track training.

    “Most have them on two bikes a regular road bike and a track bike fitted with brakes for outside training.

    “We tested them for six months prior to making contact to check that they performed at the level required.

    “You would never offer top athletes new equipment unless you are very sure it is going to work for them and sure of the benefit.

    “They are completely safe and make you work harder.

    “Even the highly sceptical mechanics accepted the tyres by the end of 2016.”

    The deal with the Ukraine track team is the most high profile struck by Alex, who is distributing Tannus Tyres in former Soviet bloc countries, including Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

    He said that the track team took up the tyres when a winter training trip last year to Turkey was almost a disaster because of heavy rain.

    He said: “The team were in Turkey to get away from the cold Ukrainian winter, but it was raining all the time so ended up on the turbos indoors.

    “They got fed up with indoor training that they decided to try the Tannus Tyres and have not looked back.

    “We also offered them to some road riders and there’s been quite a bit of take up from them.”

    A number of other Ukrainian local teams are using the tyres to train on in the country where the winter temperatures are routinely well below zero.

    Alex said most were installing the tyres, that clip inside the rim, themselves while others called on the team mechanics to fit them.

    Alex said: “A combination of the bad winter weather and the poor road surfaces in the Ukraine mean Tannus are ideal.

    Before Tannus I used to get flats all the time . One week I had five or six flats, but that’s not a problem now.”

    The deal with the Ukrainian team is another big breakthrough so far for Tannus Tyres.


  • 20th July 2017/ 01, Tag 02, / 130 Views

    Tannus Tire given top safty rating

    TANNUS is celebrating after its 700 x 23 road bike tyre was given a top-level safety award. The Aither 1.1 tyre is Tannus’s second tyre to win the sought after seal of approval from the German testing house TUV Rheinland. It was put through a series of strenuous tests to rate performance in the most extreme circumstances and is the only bicycle tyre in the world that has been approved by TUV. Jazz Walia, Tannus European Sales Director, commented: “This is great news for Tannus, but not a huge surprise to us as we have seen the immense research and development that has gone into our tyres. “We wanted to pass the TUV safety test so that customers can be confident that the product they are buying, is safe and robust. The TUV certificate has now proven that independently. “The question we are most commonly asked is ‘how do they grip in the wet?’ by having this TUV approval customers can be confident the tyres are just as good as the pneumatic counterpart.

    “We have of course, carried out a huge number of tests at every stage of our development over the years, putting the tyres under huge stress and pushing them to the extreme.

    “But to have our work peer-reviewed is very satisfying.”

    TUV tested all aspects of the Tannus Tyres to international standards set out by ISO. It included extensive testing on the installation of the tyres by both men and women and the stability of the tyres once installed.

    Tannus carried out comparative tests on all its tyres versus conventional tyres to ensure they performed to at least the same standard as pneumatic tyres. Tests included braking distances, side slipping in wet and greasy conditions, extreme temperature variations and tests to ensure the tyres remained in place even with the heaviest of riders.

    This is the second major landmark for Tannus in 2016 which, earlier this year saw Specialized begin fitting the company’s tyres as standard on its Alibi bike, sold across the world.


  • 20th July 2017/ 01, Tag 02, / 130 Views

    Tannus In Taipei Return

    Tannus Tyres have returned from its debut at the The Taipei International Cycle show has set in train a series of talks with numerous distributors and bike brands exploring tie-ups with the airless, puncture-free brand, Tannus.

    The Tannus European team, headed by European chief Jazz Walia joined with bosses from the company’s South Korea HQ at the show.

    Jazz said: “There are some of the biggest names and brands in the cycling industry there and we were flattered to have a lot of interest from many of their representatives. “It’s all about networking at the moment, so nothing is agreed but there were of lot of very positive conversations which leave me very optimistic.”

    As well as talks with major bike brands and suppliers, Tannus also met with a number of Asian city bike-sharing schemes.

    Jazz also enthused about a number of new Tannus products which will begin to hit bike shops over the next 12 months.

    He said: “There’s a lot of very exciting new things going on both in development and new products which we will be talking about very soon.

    “Confidence in Korea is very high and it is going to be a big 12- 18 months in terms of progress.”

    Tannus debuted a range of new promotional videos at the show, demonstrating how to install and the benefits of the puncture-free tyre.


  • 20th July 2017/ 01, Tag 02, / 130 Views

    Tannus at Taipei

    TANNUS is to host a stand at the Taipei International Cycle show for the first time. European chief Jazz Walia will join with bosses from Tannus HQ at the show, which is regarded as one of the most influential in the world. Tannus has released a range of new videos to showcase its airless, no puncture tyres at the event, which runs from March 22 to March 25. The promos target commuter cyclists, which has become a boom market for the Korean-based company.

    The company has seen sales of its pre-fitted tyres on the Japanese Chacle shopper bike top 160,000 and Specialized are using a Tannus made tyre on its popular hybrid, the Alibi. It has also been given positive endorsements from cycle friendly newspaper The Guardian in a recent review.

    Jazz Walia, Tannus European managing director, said: “Given we are an Asian company the Taipei show is imperative to our growth in Asia and surrounding markets. “We are really pleased and excited to be finally showing our tyres off at what is one of the most important international bike shows. “We will be looking to meet new dealers and talk to bike brands about possible tie-ins.

    “There are many talks already underway but we hope that we can make much more progress attending events like Taipei” Taiwan is home to the cycle manufacturing industry and the B2B show attracts more than 1,100 firms with around 800 from Taiwan and 300 from the rest of the world.


  • 20th July 2017/ 01, Tag 02, / 130 Views

    Tannus Looking to Increase dealers in the UK

    Tannus and its distributor Coyote are looking to increase UK dealers to sell and fit their puncture free tyres. There are currently more than 150 stockists in the UK, with sales of the tyres recently reaching 400,000 worldwide.

    The Korean-based company has ambitious plans to expand further and the UK is at the heart of the project. European Sales Director Jazz Walia said: ‘Tannus is expanding across the UK and we are being inundated daily with enquiries from consumers asking where they can buy and fit our Tannus tyres. ‘Through Coyote we already have a great backbone of dealers up and down the country, but the level of demand we are experiencing means we need a lot more shops and outlets willing to sell and fit the tyres.

    ‘We will incentivise dealers who sign up with a free set of tyres with a retail value of £99 for a minimum order of £150 order.’

    The airless tyres guarantee riders will not get a puncture and last for at least 6,000 miles, losing just 1.5 mm in tread.


  • 20th July 2017/ 01, Tag 02, / 130 Views

    Tannus announces ambitious plans for 2017

    There are currently 400,000 people worldwide using the puncture-free tyres made of the lightweight polymer called Aither.

    There are currently 400,000 people worldwide using the puncture-free tyres made of the lightweight polymer called Aither.

    Speaking at the Bike Biz Cycling Media Awards (CMA), Jazz Walia said: “Young Ki Lee, our CEO has targeted sales of 400,000 for 2017.

    “It would be a big leap, but it is something we have become used to at Tannus. Five years ago there were 10,000 sales but now we have people all over the world riding Tannus Tyres.” 2016 has been a landmark year for Tannus, which saw Specialized begin fitting the company’s tyres as standard on its Alibi bike, sold across the world.
    Walia would not comment on the Specialized deal but said Tannus were in talks with other bike manufacturers.

    He said: “We’ve got 150 stockists up and down the UK and with that rising every day we have good reason to be optimistic for 2017.

    “There will be a number of exciting developments over the next 12 months.”

    Tannus sponsored the Bike Biz blogger of the year award, which went to Mountain Bike writer, Chipps Chippendale at the CMA on Thursday. The tyres have been on sale in the UK for just over two years.


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