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Michael is a true night rider as he does night shift. He can rely on Tannus no matter what gets in his way in the dark. He never has to worry about being late for work or getting home to bed after a hard night’s work.


Tannus Tires has a reputation on its durability. We guarantee only 1.5mm of wear after riding 9000km. This is accomplished by the unique structure of our compound.


This is gripping stuff! The Tannus Tire will be faithful, its durability and reliability has got validation from the most reputable German testing organisation TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverein/Technical Inspection Association).

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You don’t have to change the rim. If you have the existing clincher type rim, it can be retrofitted right away regardless of its size. Due to our development of the Locking Pin System, you can use Tannus Tires on your own bicycle easily and safely.

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Since our tires contain no air in the conventional way, there is no need to carry pumps, tires, inner tubes, tools & leavers. Our Micro Closed-Cell Polymer Foam Material, Aither, is a highly stable and independent material.

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Made from a very special Micro Closed Cell Polymer Resin "Aither", Tannus tire uses a foaming technology. Adn, it may look similar to that used in many lightweight sports shoes, but it is totally different from any other foaming technology both in terms of its process or the condition. It is made from the one-and-only material "Aithercompound" with a very unique foaming process.

THE CELL (under microscope)

Aither1.1 had much enhanced elasticity than Aither1.0,
ensuring a better feel whilst riding and good grip performance.Furthermore, Aither1.1 is performing at a much lower rolling resistance-approximately 15% less. It now has the rolling resistance rate that closely matches premium pneumatic city bike tires, taking this a step closer to ideal bike tire.

This is no more an "Evolution", but is a "Revolution"!